Takagi Slit lamp 2ZL




Innovative Design
  • Innovative Design: No cables are exposed. Even the power supply cable is concealed.
  • Even cables for connecting an imaging system can be concealed.
  • New product color.
 New LED Optimized Slit Lamp
  • One of the best advantages of LED illumination is that affected anatomy and structures of the eye can now be more clearly and visibly seen because the peak wavelength of LED light appears in the region which is more sensitive to the human eye.
  • We haven’t simply replaced the halogen light source with an LED type. 2ZL has been designed and engineered from scratch to accommodate the new superior LED lamp.
  • LED optimized 2ZL provides brighter and sharper light.
Use of Uniform LED Illumination
  • The LED slit lamp with a color temperature of 3500 K provides brighter and sharper light than halogen.
  • A 1-element high-luminance LED is used for 2ZL. It provides uniform and even light compared to multiple element LEDs.
Reduction of the Characteristic
Blue Light of LED
  • The projected light is soft and easy on patients’ eyes by reducing the peak of the characteristic blue band spectrum of LED.
Use of Ultra-low Voltage LED
  • Even though a 3-watt ultra-low voltage LED is used for 2ZL, the LED slit lamp is extremely economical while obtaining a very high level of illumination.
Affordable Precision and Reliability
  • 2ZL delivers ease of use at an affordable price with ergonomic handling.
  • Focussed on essential features with no compromise to our trademark precision and reliability.
Reduction of Patient’s Uneasiness
  • When 2ZL is switched on, a circular blue LED lights up around the lower part of the slit unit, which does not disturb the examination. The blue LED light is associated with mental calmness, reducing patient’s uneasiness.
  • Because the circular blue LED indicates the power is on, the users can examine with 2ZL at ease.



Microscope Type Galilean converging binocular stereomicroscope
Magnification changer Three position rotating drum
Eyepieces 16x wide-field, high-eyepoint
Total magnifications 10x, 16x, 25x
Real fields of view φ23.3, φ14, φ8.8mm
Interpupillary adjustment 52 – 82mm
Diopter adjustment range +/-7diopters
Cross-Slide Base Longitudinal (coarse) movement 105mm
Horizontal (fine) movement 15mm
Vertical movement 30mm
Chinrest Unit Elevation stroke 85mm
Illumination Unit Slit width 0-14mm continuously variable
Aperture diaphragms φ 14, φ 8, φ 5, φ 3, φ 0.3mm
Filters Blue filter, Red free filter, Blue correction filter, Yellow filter
Light Source LED
Power Unit Input voltage AC100V – 240V (+/- 10%)
Maximum power consumption DC5V 2A
Fixation Light Unit Fixation light source Red LED
Weight 11kg

Optional Components


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