POTEC PLC-8000(pola)

POTEC LCD Chart: PLC-8000(pola)

  • High Definition LCD Smart Chart System

  • Wide range of test

  • FULL-HD Video play



Diversified Astigmatism test chart

Expanded diagnose environments with various charts (7 types)
Astigmatism Fan & Block Charts

The addition of fan and block charts to general astigmatism test functions allows more accurate astigmatism test.
Reverse mode for LASIK and Cataract surgical patients

Diversified ETDRS test chart

Newly added letter & number based Charts provide wide range of diagnose environments.
Amsler Vision test chart for Macular Degeneration

Enhanced Maddox rod test

Embedded Fixation Target Lamp for Maddox test provides 10 level of brightness
FULL-HD Video play

Playing cartoon film at High resolution helps you draw attention from kids or infants that are easily distracted for intensive diagnose. Play full HD video from USB flash drive and control by remote controller.
Various color blindness test chart

Smart Chart system with Full HD LCD

– 23(Regular), 24 Inch (Polaroid) High resolution chart
– Full-HD TFT-LCD(1980X1080) panel / 16.7M Color 250cd/㎡
Wide range of test

High Resolution LCD enables wide range of test 0.05 ~ 2.0
Adjustable test distance

Test distance is adjustable 1.0m ~ 6.0m by 0.1m
SMART intercommunication

Support both interface RS-232(Wired), Bluetooth(Wireless) for the compatibility with PDR-7000
Basic test / User modified program

Provide basic Program A and Program B which provides programmable up to 40 steps.
Enhanced R/G filter adjustment

Broaden range of R/G adjustment up to 96 steps enables optometrist to optimize the screen to fit in well with environment for reliable binocular vision test.
Promotional Videos Play

During the power saving mode, the LCD back light is turned off to minimize power consumption and the promotional videos for clinics and optical shops are playable on a LCD chart.
User friendly functions

Contrast, Mirror, Mask.
Customizable boot-up screen & slides

(up to 38 slides)


Test Distance 1.0~8.0mm (Unit : 0.1m)
Chart Landolt Ring, Alphabet, Numerals, Snellen, Pictures, Mask(Vertical, Horizontal, Single letter), RG chart/ Polaroid chart(PLC-8000pola), Color blind, Amsler Chart
Programable chart Up to 40 charts
Interface USB(USB2.0), RS-232
Communication Wired : RS-232
Wireless : Bluetooth
LCD 23 lnch Full-HD (Resolution : 1920*1080), PLC-8000
24 Inch Full-HD (Resolution : 1920*1080), PLC-8000pola
OS Android 4.4.2
Storage Micro SD Card(8G)
Speaker unit 1.5W
Video format AVI, MPEG, MP4, MKV
Rated Voltage AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption PLC-8000 : 45-55VA
PLC-8000pola : 35-45VA
Volume(Dimension) Body : 583(W)X55(D)X423(H) mm
Remote controller : 64(W)X196(D)X20(H) mm
Weight Body : Approximately 6kg, Wall Mount Bracket : 370g Remote controller : 160g (Battery included)
Environment conditions (In use)

Temperature : +10 ~ +40  Humidity : 30%RH ~ 85%RH  Pressure : 700hPA ~ 1060hPA
(In transport/storage)

Temperature : -10 ~ +55  Humidity : 10%RH ~ 90%RH  Pressure : 600hPA ~  1060hPA


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