Oculus Universal Trial Frame UB 6

Perfect Refraction

The trial frame is one of the tools of the trade for every refraction professional. Subjective lens determination requires craftsmanship and manual skill. Your professional competence will be perfectly demonstrated with the new Universal Trial Frame UB 6. In the new product development of the UB 6 we put ergonomics, simple handling and optimal wearing comfort front and center.



Technical specifications
PD adjustment range 46 – 80 mm (1.9 – 3.2 in)
Scale division 2.5° gradation
Weight 60.2 g
Arm length 92 – 130 mm (3.7 – 5.1 in)
Tilt of arm (up/down) +12° / -14.5°
Lens holders, front 4
Lens holders, behind 2
Lens diameter 38 mm (1.5 in)
Rotary area (in front) 360°
VD measuring range 3 – 14 mm (0.1 – 0.6 in)


Polarizing filter linear 45°/135°
Polarizing filter circular



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