The OCULUS Easyfield® is designed for use as a visual field screener and a threshold perimeter for immediate re-examination of any abnormal findings.



Easy Operation

The Easyfield® Perimeter can be controlled via an external computer (Notebook or PC). The familiar user interface of the OCULUS programs is available on the computer and you can enjoy the full freedom of networking the examination data. The use of translucent Easyfield® occluders allows you to conduct examinations without the usual eye patch, thus saving you valuable time as you prepare for the examination.



As a screening unit, the Easyfield® Perimeter generally uses threshold related suprathreshold examination strategies. The advantage of this is that despite the short examination time, the examiner gains a meaningful overview of the examined area. Multiple test strategies are available for determination of the exact numeric values of the perception thresholds.  (We prefer not to promote CLIP anymore.) The OCULUS “Fast Threshold” achieves a similar performance with clever improvements to the classic 4-2 step method. The unique SPARK strategy provides a rapid and reproducible threshold measurement for glaucoma patients.



Results Printout

The measuring results of the Easyfield® Perimeter are summarized in a standard printout. For suprathreshold tests, only a single informational overview is printed, whereas for threshold examinations, all clinically relevant data are recorded and shown in various depictions.




OCULUS perimetry software: SPARK Strategy
The Spark strategy uses the correlation between different points in Glaucomatous visual fields to considerably expedite the examination


OCULUS perimetry software: Glaucoma Staging System (GSS 2) per Brusini
Display of the GSS 2 assessment


OCULUS perimetry software: Glaucoma Staging Program (GSP)
GSP analysis of a pre-perimetric examination finding
OCULUS perimetry software: Threshold Noiseless Trend (TNT) Progression Analysis
TNT Display

Technical Data

Static Perimetry
Programs: Pre-defined glaucoma, macula, screening and neurological tests
User-defined tests
Test patterns: 30-2, 24-2, 30×24, 10-2, hemisphere, customized patterns
Strategies: Threshold strategies: SPARK Quick, CLIP, OCULUS Fast Threshold, Full Threshold (4/2)
Optional: SPARK Precision
Age adapted suprathreshold screening (2-zone, 3-zone, quantify defects)
Examination Speed: Adaptive, fast, normal, slow, user-defined
Fixation control: Through central threshold, Heijl-Krakau (using the blind spot), live video image
Result Display: Greyscale, dB values (absolute / relative), symbols, probabilities, 3D plot
Reports: Glaucoma Staging System (GSS2), Glaucoma Staging Program (GSP), Threshold Noiseless Trend (TNT) progression report
Perimeter bowl radius: 300 mm
Max. eccentricity: 30°
Stimulus size: Goldmann III
Stimulus color: White
Stimulus duration: 200 ms / user-defined
Stimulus luminance range / increments: 0.03 – 3 180 cd/m² (0.1 – 10 000 asb) / 1 dB
Background luminance: 10 cd/m² (31.4 asb)
Patient positioning: Measurement head with adjustable angle of inclination, adaptable chin rest (Easyfield® C only), double head rest
Software: Device control, patient management, backup, and print software (Windows®)
Built-in networking, easy EMR-integration, DICOM compatibility
Interface: USB
Technical specification
Dimensions (W x D x H) Easyfield® S: 274 x 370 – 470 x 314 – 429 mm (10.8 x 14.6 – 18.5 x 12.4 – 16.9 in)
Easyfield® C: 316 x 506 – 540 x 320 – 435 mm (12.4 x 19.9 – 21.3 x 12.6 – 17.1 in)
Weight Easyfield® S: 4.6 kg (10.1 lbs)
Easyfield® C: 7.4 kg (16.3 lbs)
Max. power consumption 26 W
Voltage, Frequency 100-240 V AC
50 – 60 Hz
Recommended computer specifications Intel® Core™ i5, 4 GB memory, 500 GB HDD, 8 GB RAM, Intel® HD Graphics, Windows® 10


[Video] The Easyfield® C – Automatic perimeter up to 30° eccentricity

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