Network Solutions – HERA Intraworks

Huvitz edging system provides optimizing network solutions considering user friendly settings, system configurations and device maintenance.


HERA Intraworks (STD) Optical Store Solution

Standard version serves as a data server among Huvitz finishing instruments and provides connections up to the capability of PC.

Its simple interface allows data edition, job assignment, and job import/export even in OMA format which can be automated by options.

HERA Intraworks(RT) Remote Tracing Solution

RT version is to help establish the simplest remote tracing environment by the acquisition of tracing data and automatic export of it in OMA format for the customer to upload it on LAB-ordering sites.
* Remote Lab receives job data via a Lab Management Software, or can make an economic solution with the combination of email and HERA Intraworks(STD).

HERA Intraworks(HOST) Third Party Compatibility Solution

Host version based on DCS (OMA) supports data connection between Huvitz devices and third party’s devices.

Host version provides simple third party compatible solution without expensive dcs host solution.
* To be compatible with Huvitz system, 3rd party instruments should support OMA protocol and may require a compatible chuck adaptor.


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