OCULUS Twinfield® 2


The OCULUS Twinfield® 2 provides you with the very best of our more than 50 years of experience in the perimetry area. This device measures the full field of vision using both automatic, static perimetry and automatic or manual kinetic examinations. The Twinfield® 2 received the express recommendation of the German Ophthalmology Society (DOG) for expert assessment perimetry.


Static Perimetry

The Twinfield® 2 performs fast and versatile automatic static examinations to measure the central field of vision with a high degree of accuracy. In the macular area, the precision is increased even more by a considerable densification of the test points, and the periphery can be tested using a suitable test grid. The modular setup of the examination programs guarantees that the Twinfield® 2 perimeter can be adapted to meet all clinical research and daily practice requirements.

Improved Diagnostic Reliability

Exact adherence to the Goldmann Standard allows the Twinfield® 2 to be used for assessment perimetry purposes. Automation of the kinetic examinations increases the reproducibility of the test. Fast and comprehensive testing of the entire field of vision testing is achieved by linking the fully automatic kinetic tests with static testing methods.



The Examination Programs

The pre-defined test programs of the Twinfield® 2 perimeter have been set up in such a way that you can easily perform the examinations that you require most often. Whether glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, neurological diseases – appropriate examinations are available for them all. Furthermore, the modular setup of these programs enable you to create custom test processes, as all available test point grids can be conveniently combined with all OCULUS test strategies. You can thus extend the comprehensive standard program series to meet your own particular requirements.

The OCULUS Test Strategies

Optimally selected examination areas significantly contribute to meaningful visual field findings. The Twinfield® 2 perimeter provides comprehensive, pre-defined test point grids, which cover all areas ranging from the macula area to the entire field of vision. Grids with a higher density of test points in the center, which take account of the physiology of the retina, are the trademark of the Twinfield® 2. Grids with uniform, orthogonally distributed test points along with other grids, such as the Esterman grid, complete the list of available examination areas.

Results Printout


OCULUS perimetry software: SPARK Strategy
The Spark strategy uses the correlation between different points in Glaucomatous visual fields to considerably expedite the examination.
OCULUS perimetry software: Glaucoma Staging Program (GSP)
GSP analysis of a pre-perimetric examination finding
OCULUS perimetry software: Threshold Noiseless Trend (TNT) Progression Analysis
TNT Display

Technical Data

Static Perimetry
Programs: Pre-defined glaucoma, macula, neurological and screening tests;
Static-kinetic screening; user-defined tests
Strategies: Threshold strategies: OCULUS Fast Threshold, Full Threshold, CLIP
Optional: SPARK strategy
Age-adapted supra-threshold screening
(2-zone, 3-zone, quantify defect, OCULUS Class strategy)
Test patterns: Rectangular patterns (30-2, 30-2 bs, 24-2, 24-2 bs, 10-2),
Physiological patterns (Area 1-8), Quick Screening, Esterman, customized patterns
Stimulus sizes: Goldmann I, III, V
Stimulus colour: White / Blue / Red
Stimulus luminance range / steps: 0 – 318 cd/m² (0 – 1 000 asb) / 0.1 log units
Background luminance: 10 cd/m² (31.4 asb)
Background colour: White / Yellow
Stimulus duration: 200 ms / User-defined
Examination speed: Adaptive / Slow / Normal / Fast / User-defined
Maximum eccentricity: 90° (full field)
Fixation control: Video camera image, through central threshold, Heijl-Krakau (using the blind spot)
Patient positioning: Motorised double chinrest, height- and depth-adjustable headrest, ergonomic armrest
Reports: Glaucoma Staging Program (GSP)
Threshold Noiseless Trend (TNT) progression report
Kinetic Perimetry
Strategies: Automatic isopters measured along meridians with freely selectable density
Manual: stimulus freely movable with the computer mouse
Semi-automatic: including scotoma boundary mapping
Stimulus speed: 2°/s (Goldmann), user-defined
Bowl radius: r = 30 cm (11.8 in)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 790 x 723 x 850 mm (31.1 x 28.5 x 33.5 in)
Weight: 40.0 kg (88.1 lbs) – without table
Max. power consumption: 65 W – without table
Voltage: 90 – 264 V AC
Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Recommended computer specifications: Intel® Core i5, 3,4 GHz, 500 GB HD, Windows® 8
Interface: USB

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