Huvitz HRK-9000A

Ref / Keratometer

Combining Everything into One



Subjective VA Test

Comparison between subjective and objective VA tests yields more reliable and accurate data

Wavefront Technology

Huvitz’ wavefront analysis algorithm goes beyond general refraction to conclude highly accurate and reliable cornea refractive power and index.


TFBUT Measurement and Meibography

Experience TFBUT function and Meibography to obtain thorough information about tear film/dry eye and meibomian gland conditions.

Wireless Communication

Experience wireless communication with HLM-9000 and HDR-9000 via Wi-Fi for data transmission.(RS-232 cable is also possible).


Measurement Mode
K/R Mode Continuous Keratometry & Refractometry
REF Mode Refractometry
KER Mode Keratometry
KER P Mode Peripheral Keratometry
Color View Mode Color View & Contact Lens Fitting Assistance(White & Blue LED Light)
Meibography Mode Special Mode for Observing Meibomian Gland
TFBUT Mode Special Mode for Measuring TFBUT(Tear Film Break-Up Time)
Vertex Distanc(VD) 0.0, 12.0, 13.5, 13.75, 15.0
Sphere(SPH) -30.00~+25.00 (VD=12mm)(increments : 0.01, 0.12, 0.25D)
Cylinder(CYL) 0.00~±12.00D (increments 0.01, 0.12, 0.25D)
Cylinder Form -, +, ± (Mixed)
Pupil Distance 10~85mm
Minimum Pupil Diameter ø2.0mm
Radius of Curvature 5.0~13.0mm (increments : 0.01mm)
Corneal Power 25.96~67.50D (increments : 0.05, 0.12, 0.25D)(When corneal equivalent refractive index is 1.3375)
Corneal Astigmatism 0.00~ -15.00D (increments : 0.05, 0.12, 0.25D)
Axis 0~180° (increments : 1° )
Pupil, Iris Diameter 2.0~14.0mm (increments : 0.1mm)
Memory of Data 10 measurements for each eye
VA Test – Subjective Refractive Test
VA Measurement <0.1/ 0.1/0.25/0.32/ 0.4/ 0.5/0.63/ 0.8/ 1.0/1.25><20/200 / 20/200 / 20/80 / 20/60 / 20/50 / 20/40 / 20/30 / 20/25 / 20/20 / 20/16>
Sphere(SPH) -22D to +22D (increment 0.25D)
Cylinder(CYL) 0 to ±10D (Max, increment 0.25D)
Cyl Axis 0 to 180° (increment 1°/5° )
Movement Range
Up-Down ±15mm
Left-Right ±5mm, ±2mm
Forward-Backward ±5mm, ±2mm
Display 7 inch Wide Color TFT LCD, Touch panel with Tilting function
Interface RS-232 x 1, USB(for Service) x 1, Wi-Fi (for Data communication)
Wi-Fi Band : 2.4GHz, IEE802.11b/g
Security : WPA2-PSK
Internal Printer Thermal line printer with Auto cutting function
Power Saving Automatic switch-off (5min)
Power Supply 100-240VAC, 1.0-0.6A, 50/60Hz
Dimension /Weight 255(W) x 550(D) x 490(H) / 19Kg
Designs and details can be changed without prior notice for the purposes of improvement.



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