Universal slit lamp with pioneering features

Sharp optics combined with bright, homogeneous slit illumination guarantees you a clear view with the OCULUS SL-IC4 and SL-IC5. Take advantage of the wide range of filters (blue, red-free, neutral density, diffuser) integrated in the new OCULUS slit lamp to improve the quality of your examination results. Its no-hassle controls allow you to focus entirely on the examination.



Advanced optics with a magnification range from 6x to 40x


LED illumination


The OCULUS SL-IC4 (left) and the OCULUS SL-IC5 (right)

Available in two models:      

“Digital ready” – easy to upgrade to a photo slit lamp!

Both slit lamp models are available in a “digital ready” version. The OCULUS SL-IC4 D and SL-IC5 D both come with a digital port for connection to the OCULUS image documentation system ImageCam® 2. Images and videos can be conveniently captured by joystick rather than with the foot switch.



Optional accessories

  • Various matching applanation tonometers for numerous popular slit lamps of most manufacturers.
  • Diagnostic contact lenses for inspecting the anterior chamber angle and the posterior eye segment.
  • Elbow support
  • Ergonomic eyepiece adapter 20°
  • Eyepiece with length and angle scales


Equipment table






The SL-IC4 and SL-IC5 have a decoupling function as a standard feature

Decoupling Function

Both models have a decoupling function as a standard feature.








Technical Data

Microscope SL-IC4 / SL-IC4 D / SL-IC5 / SL-IC5 D
Type Converging binoculars
Eyepiece 12.5x
Magnification 5 steps drum rotation: 6x; 10x; 16x; 25x; 40x
Field of view in mm 34 mm; 22 mm; 14 mm; 8.5 mm; 5.5 mm
Interpupillary distance 49 – 77 mm
Objective lens convergence angle 13°
Compensation of ametropia ± 8 D
Filter Yellow (interposable)


Slit illumination SL-IC4 / SL-IC4 D SL-IC5 / SL-IC5 D
Slit projection scale 1.16x 1.16x
Slit width 0 – 14 mm (continuous) 0 – 12 mm (continuous)
Slit length 14 mm 12 mm
Aperture diameters 0.2 mm; 1 mm square;
2 mm; 3 mm; 5 mm; 9 mm; 14 mm
0.2 mm; 1 mm square;
2 mm; 3 mm; 5 mm; 9 mm; 12 mm
Filter blue, red free, neutral density, diffuser blue, red free, neutral density, diffuser, diffuser lens
Slit angle 360° (continuous variable) 0 – 180° (continuous variable)
Light source LED LED
Max. power consumption 2 W 2 W
LED colour temperature 4000k 4000k


Instrument base SL-IC4 / SL-IC4 D / SL-IC5 / SL-IC5 D
Base travel X-axis: 107 mm
Y-axis: 110 mm
Z-axis: 25 mm


Technical specifications SL-IC4 / SL-IC4 D SL-IC5 / SL-IC5 D
Dimensions (W x D x H) 350 x 310 x 480 mm
(13.8 in x 12.2 in x 18.9 in)
350 x 310 x 710 mm
(13.8 in x 12.2 in x 28.0 in)
Weight 9.2 kg (20.3 lbs) 10.6 kg (23.4 lbs)
Input voltage slit lamp 12 V / 24 V DC
12 – 16 V AC
12 V / 24 V DC
12 – 16 V AC
Input voltage (power unit) 110 – 240 V AC 110 – 240 V AC
Output voltage (power unit) 12 V DC 12 V DC
Frequency (power unit) 50 – 60 Hz 50 – 60 Hz


Download OCULUS SL-IC4 and SL-IC5 Brochure



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