Huvitz HDR-9000

Digital Refractor

The More Exam Options You Have,
the More You See



21 Point Exam

21 Point Exam removes complex knowledge or experience and now everyone can perform refraction easily without expertise.


Tablet PC Control (Optional)

A choice from 3 options : Classic OP panel, Win. Tablet and PC(Tablet PC OS : Win 7 or 8 / Resolution 1366×768)


Tiltable Body

Highly advanced near vision exam is enabled with tiltable body from 0° to 45° delivering feeling of reading a book.

Wireless Communication

Experience wireless communication with HRK-9000A and HLM-9000 via Wi-Fi for data transmission.(RS-232 cable is also possible)



Measurement Range
Spherical Lens -29.00~+26.75D (Regular)
-19.00~+16.75D (During XC or Prism Tests)
(0.12/0.25 /0.5 /1/2/3/4D increments)
Cylinder Lens 0.00~±8.75D (0.25/0.5 /1/2/3D increments)
Cylinder Axis 0°~180° (1/5/15° increments)
PD 48~80mm (0.5/1mm increments)
Near PD : 50~74mm
Near Working Distance : 35~70cm
Rotary Prism Lens 0~20△(0.1/0.2/0.5/1/2△ increments)
Cross Cylinder ±0.25D
±0.25D Prism Split Lens (Dual Cross Cylinder)
Retinoscopic Lens +1.5D, +2.0D (Measurement Distance 67cm, 50cm)
Auxiliary Lenses
Occluding Aperture
Pinhole Lens ø2mm
Maddox Rod Right Eye (Red, Horizontal), Left Eye (Red, Vertical)
Red / Green Filter Right Eye (Red), Left Eye (Green)
Polarizing Filter Right Eye (135°, 45° ), Left Eye (45°, 135° )
Split(Dissociation) Prism Right Eye (6△BU)
Left Eye (10△BI : up to 5△ complement)
PD Check Lens
Fixed XC Lens (±0.50D, with the axis fixed at 90° )
Visual Field 40° (VD=12mm)
Hardware Specification
Digital Refractor 329(W) X 103(D) X 296(H)mm, 4.20kg
Operation Panel 249(W) X 245(D) X 248(H)mm, 2.75kg (including internal printer)
Junction Box 240(W) X 141(D) X 71(H)mm, 1.24kg
Power Supply 100-240VAC~, 1.0~0.5A, 50/60Hz
Designs and details can be changed without prior notice for the purposes of improvement.


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