Takagi Handy Pachymeter P-1



Automatic measurement of cornea

The Pachymeter allows a fully automated of the cornea simply apply the probe to the corneal surface and the data will be recorded automatically

Built-in thermal printer

There is an built-in thermal printer which allows an instant printout of recorded data. There are 2 modes, Standard and Simple





Stores 8 data results per eye

The pachymeter allows up to 8 sets of data results to be stored per eye (i.e. 16 sets of results in total)

Rechargeable Battery with AC adapter

This compact handheld unit comes with lithium ion batteries making ideal to use when and where ever needed.

STN liquid crystalline display making it ideal for the dark room







Calculates Intra Ocular Pressure

The Pachymeter can automatically calculate IOP (Intra Ocular Pressure) readings once the actual pressure has been manually input.

Measured data can easily be exported as a data file

The standard RS232C port allows easy data transfer as a data file to any PC


Probe type Standard probe Solid type/45°with angle
Disposal tip type probe (option) Solid type/45°with angle
Transducer frequency 20MHz ±20%
Minimum display unit 1μm
Measuring range Standard probe 150 to 1,200μm
Disposal tip type probe (option) 150 to 1,200μm
Printer Built-in thermal printer
Monitor screen STN liquid crystalline display panel, 2.7 inch black and white
Dimensions/Weight 118(W) x 207(D) x 59(H)mm 530g
Power consumption 23VA + less than 15%
Power voltage & frequency AC 120V 60Hz 30W, AC230V 50Hz 125mA

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