Build your ideal system for cataract surgery

With a brilliant, fixed red-reflex, the ALLEGRA 900 is engineered for cataract surgery. This simple, effective microscope for anterior segment surgery features legendary Haag-Streit optics, a large depth of field, and the best 3D perception on the market.




Close up of Allegra 900 with stereoscopic observer scopeFEATURES & BENEFITS

A highly configurable microscope

This microscope features:

  • 25 mm stereo base
  • C.RED
  • Fixed red reflex
  • Halogen or LED lighting systems
  • Full tilt range for iStent procedures
  • Wireless foot switch
  • Integration with ORA, Holos, and other third party systems
  • Manual five-step magnification
  • Optional X-Y coupling
  • Optional: EIBOS 2 compatible – posterior segment surgery

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Enables documentation and co-observation

ALLEGRA 900 uses beam splitters that can be fitted with adapters for various video and still cameras. It also includes a stereoscopic observer scope. A single-CCD video camera is also available for integration to reduce the microscope’s length.





Allegra 900 beam splitter    ACCESSORIES

Beam Splitters & Scopes

Beam Splitters
You can choose from two available splitting ratios according to your application:

  • 50:50 – for adaptation of stereoscopic observer scopes and/or cameras
  • 30:70 – for adaptation of several cameras

ScopeStereoscopic Observer Scopes
Choose from two different stereoscopic observer scopes. These accommodate laterally placed assistants.

  • Includes fixed eyepiece head (standard)
  • Optional inclinable eyepiece head

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Camera controlsACCESSORIES


A broad selection of analog or HD video and still cameras can be mounted onto microscopes.

You can also add the MIOS 5, which allows you to handle patient names, record HD videos and pictures as well as administer archived data.


EIBOS 2 opthalmoscope



Our non-contact wide-angle ophthalmoscope, EIBOS 2, is an important option for vitreoretinal surgery.






Designed for the optical evaluation of the cornea’s topography using fixation light.






Lenstar viewing monitorACCESSORIES

LENSTAR Viewing Monitor

Haag-Streit’s connectivity pairs up LENSTAR (the ultimate surgical planning tool) and our ophthalmic surgical microscope to give you even more precision. The LENSTAR viewing system lets you view images obtained through LENSTAR on the integrated remote viewing station on the HS microscope. Now you can plan your procedure and view it on a screen rather than a printout.

Coupled with the microscope’s outstanding red reflex and optics that deliver a significant increase in depth of field, the LENSTAR Viewing system helps you operate with confidence.



FS 1-12 microscope standStands

Stands made for use with the Hi-R NEO 900 microscope include:

Ceiling units/installation are also available. These easily movable stands feature:

FS 2-21 / FS 2-25 microscope stand

  • Friction or electromechanical brake systems
  • Halogen or LED lighting
  • Long arm reach
  • Concealed cabling
  • Powered shelves to support external devices

See the Haag-Streit difference.





Technical Data

Optics Apochromatic
Working distance 200 mm, optional 175 mm, 225 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm
Stereo base 25 mm
Filter disk 2 diaphragms, 5 color filters
Focusing Motorized 50mm
Magnification Motorized zoom 1:6, 4.3x to 25.7x
Diameter visual field 8.2mm to 49.0mm
Illumination field 3.0mm to 60.0mm
Binocular 0-160° inclinable with 10x eye piece
Objective lens F=200mm or f=175mm
Inclination -70° to +90°
X-Y coupling 60mm x 60mm
Light source Halogen or LED
Light filters UV, softlight, daylight, blue, slit, 2 diaphragm sizes
Optional monitor Full HD 1080p



Allegra 900 Brochure


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