Takagi Lensmeter LM-10DX



The light source changed from a conventional electric bulb type to an LED type which decreases CO2 emission and also reduces the electric power consumption.

The cross-line pinhole type target enables accurate measurement.

Internal power reading

The analog type can measure a subtle difference in lens power that is not possible with a digital type.



Vertex Power Range : +25 to -25D
Step 0.125D up to ±3D / 0.25D beyond ±3D
Prismatic power Range:5△(in a visual field)/20△(with a compensator)
Step 1△
Cylindrical axis Range : 0° to 180°
Step 1°
Measurable lens
Range : φ20mm to φ80mm
Cross-line pinhole type
Eyepiece focusing +6D to -6D
Tilting angle 30° to 90°
Power source AC100V, 120V, 230V
Power consumption 1.0VA
Dimension 380(H)×403(D)×180(W)mm
Weight 4.9kg

* If you want to order the unit without prism compensator, please contact our sales department.




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