Takagi Electric Instrument Table ST-26T/ST-26H

Stylish and versatile medical grade electric instrument table, considering extreme safety with quiet operation for the most demanding of medical environments


Wheelchair Friendly

The large underfoot space of ST-26 allows a patient in a wheelchair to be examined quickly and comfortably.
ST-26T with a T-shaped base has its column at the side of the table. ST- 26H with a H-shaped base has its column at the center of the table.
*Wheelchairs with a front wheel outer width of 550mm or less are adaptable.
* It is recommended to fold up the footsteps of the wheelchair during examination.

Careful Consideration of Cable Positioning

Access hole strategically placed on the table top to pass a power cable through, with three auxiliary power outlets under the table top to power a full range of products without any need to run extra cables to a standard mains power supply.
The mains power cable for ST-26H extends from the side of the base eliminating interference with patient’s feet.

Heavy Load Capability

With an 80kg allowable load for the ST-26H it is well equipped for withstanding heavy loads such as our MT-325UD Projection Perimeter.

Large Elevation Stroke for All Patient Heights

Minimum height of the table is now approximately 100 mm lower than that of the previous ST-25 meaning small children can be easily examined. The maximum height remains the same with a 300 mm elevation stroke of both ST-26T/ST-26H accommodating small and large patients sufficiently.

Space Saving Design

While the size of the table top for ST-26T remains the same as our previous ST-25, the design of the elevation unit has been changed giving an overall width reduction of 14%, enabling ST-26T to be used efficiently in a limited space.

Various Kinds of Table Tops

Various kinds of table tops for ST-26H are now available according to users requirements and application.
*The optional 600mm x 400mm table top is recommended.
*Table top for our MT-325UD Perimeter is included as standard with MT-325UD.
* Please contact our sales department for full details on available table tops.


Models ST-26T ST-26H
Minimum Height 560mm 533mm *Not including table top
Maximum height 860mm
Elevation stroke 300mm
Allowable load 30kg  80kg
Power AC100-240V,50/60Hz
Power consumption 950-2150VA
Auxiliary electrical outlets 3 outlets
Weight 19kg  15kg
Size of Base W600mm×D462mm  W440mm×D650mm
Size of Table Top W600mm×D400mm  -



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