Takagi Combination Unit UN-301



The Design, Fruit of Ergonomic Pursuit

  • The rotatable double table enables easy operation with instruments placed thereon.
  • The rotatable double table takes up less space.
  • Sufficient space to be reserved between the table and chair can clear any possibility of having your leg pinched.
  • As its weight was cut down to one thirds of the traditional type, the unit can be easily delivered and installed.

Double Table

  • Dimension of the table is 860 × 400mm, which makes it possible to mount even other brands’ product.
  • On the right and left sides of the lower part of the table are located two electrical terminals, which makes connection easier.
  • A dimmer switch is located on one side so that you can conveniently use a slitlamp.

Convenient Control Panel

  • With all of the control switches located on the operating panel, you can easily manipulate them.
  • You can use two rechargeable instruments.

Comfortable Chair

  • The seat is so comfortable to sit that a patient can have his/her eyes checked relaxedly.
  • The screw drive type elevation mechanism is free from noise and has excellent durability.
  • The armrest is swing-up type.
  • The seat is fixed and not reclinable.
  • The footrest is optional.

Variety of Accessories

  • The overhead lamp is dimmer type and is useful for eye examinations. (Standard)
  • The view tester arm is counter-balanced type, and up/down stroke is 200mm. (Standard)
  • The chart projector arm can be attached. (Optional)
  • Using the foot switch, you can move the chair up and down in any place. (Standard)


Table Size of table 860 x 400mm
Height of table 895mm
Allowable load 25kg x 2 units
Chair Height of seat Minimum 555mm, maximum 690mm
Up and down stroke 135mm
Supply Voltage AC100, 115, 220, 240V
Output voltage Direct, 12V
Dimensions See diagram below
Weight 145kg



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