66-Vision YZ20P5 Operation Microscope

YZ20P5 microscope is a simple binocular coaxial microscope for a single man. The microscope is small, light and convenient. It has a high agility and can meet the requirements for general ophthalmology operation. The microscope fits mobile medical treatment.



Multi-layer coating technology is used on optical lenses to enhance transmission rate and prevent mildew.
Foot controlled focus, three-step magnification change, good depth of field of view and good binocular fusion to meet the need of cataract surgery.
Using apochromatic technology to make different wavelengths of the light focus near the focal point behind the lens, so as to make the operator’s vision more clearly.
The machine weights only 41Kg to be light and compact and is especially applicable for the mobile medical.
Optional desktop components to make the machine more portable and can also be customized according to special requirements to meet the needs in ophthalmology, ENT and other surgery.
Optional F250/F300/F400 lens.



Eyepiece Magnification


Focal Length of Objective Lens


Working Distance

190 mm

Magnification for Main Microscope

5.3×, 8×, 16×

Diameter of Field

37 mm, 25 mm, 16.7 mm

Diopter Adjustment


Pupilary Distance

50 mm ~ 70 mm

Maximum Resolution

100 LP/mm

Light Source

12V/100W halogen lamp for medical use

Illumination Type

 6° coaxial illumination of cold light source

Coaxial Illuminance

≥30,000 Lx

Reaching Radius of Arm

870 mm

Adjustable Vertical Range

700 mm~1100 mm

Fine Focusing Range 30 mm

Input Voltage

AC 220V/110V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz

Power Consumption

120 VA


AC 250V   T4.0A, AC 125V  T8.0A

Electrical Safety Standard

IEC 60601-1, Class I

Packing Volume

0.2 m3,1 carton

Total Weight

41 kg

Customizable Accessories

Video devices(1/2” or 1/4” CCD, splitters and cable, and interfaces ,etc.)
Straight binocular tube, universal connector( for ENT).
4 kinds of lenses(12.5× eyepiece): F250mm, F300mm, F350mm, F400mm.


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