Quantel SoLuTis



SoLuTis is an adaptable SLT laser compatible with most Haag Streit types slit lamps.

Key features:

  • Compact and adaptable design.
  • Premium optical components delivering an even energy distribution preserving the trabecular meshwork.


Compact and adaptable design

Advanced SLT technology

Advanced combination laser platform

Compact and adaptable, SoLutis is an ideal addition to every doctor’s practice.

Its laser head can easily be connected on most Haag Streit type slit lamps allowing users to perform SLT laser treatments with their diagnosis instrument.

Full-featured and high performance SLT laser ensuring a gentle and non-invasive photoregeneration of the trabecular meshwork cells.




SoLuTis easily combines with Quantel Medical Optimis II YAG laser, offering a YAG and SLT Laser platform all in one.





GentleFoot Footswitch                          Carrying Case Solutis

GentleFoot Footswitch            Carrying Case Solutis

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