Quantel Optimis Fusion YAG Laser


Optimis Fusion is a versatile laser platform combining YAG photodisruption treatments and advanced SLT photoregeneration therapy in one fully integrated system.

Upgradable, it can easily be transformed into an anterior and posterior laser treatment platform by combing it with a compatible Quantel Medical retina laser.




  • Premium optics for viewing both the anterior and posterior segments.
  • Quantel Medical proprietary technology: dual-mode YAG/SLT laser cavity.


Premium Optics

Advanced technology

Advanced combination laser platform

Built into a premium Zeiss type slit lamp Optimis Fusion provides a superior vision of both the anterior and posterior chambers.

It features a LED illumination   source providing a sharp, bright and homogeneous illumination.



Dual-mode YAG / SLT laser cavity, optimized to produce 1064nm and 532nm nanosecond pulses from    one laser cavity.

Powerful, precise and efficient Nd:YAG Laser / Full-featured SLT laser

Easy switch from YAG to SLT mode, easy to use software

Fully integrated glaucoma and cataract laser platform

Optimis Fusion easily combines with Quantel Medical Vitra 2 monospot or multispot photocoagulators, offering a YAG , SLT and Multispot Retina Laser platform all in one.





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