A unique, compact system setting new standards in imaging

Its integrated inverter shortens the microscope and makes it easier to handle.

  • Provides simultaneous observation of fundus and incision areas
  • Safe for patient’s eye due to its spring-loaded suspension
  • Slim body for increased space to handle instruments
  • Fully centric mounting and rotation to improve ergonomics
  • Internal focus ranging from the retina to the upper vitreous body
  • Autoclavable mounting, drape, and adapter for prism body
  • Provides a swing-away position to minimize interference

Experience the Haag-Streit difference.


Lens Options

Featuring bayonet mounting for easy and secure lens exchanges. With the two available types, macular as well as peripheral operations on the retina can be performed.

  • Type 90 D: ~90° viewing angles
  • Type SPXL (132 D): ~124° viewing angles
  • Disposable and reusable lenses available

See how the EIBOS 2 can bring you clearer images.


Focusing Levers

The internal focusing is operated by a lever mounted to the left and/or right hand sides of the prism body. The two available levers include:

  • The traditional EIBOS lever is beneficial for surgeons that like to do the focusing themselves.
  • The round handle allows easy focusing for an assistant.


Brochures & Flyers

Elbos 2 Brochure



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